Playlist for 21 Oct 2017 (AOTW: Weaves – Wide Open)

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Apologies for the occasional cough and splutter during this show. I would have thought the first track would have been a good excuse, but then I guess I should have played some Manflu too.

Our album of the week this week came from Toronto band Weaves.


“Wide Open” is the band’s second album and offers more polished indie pop than their self-titled debut. The album flirts with electronica and glam rock but there’s a very indie sounding core throughout. It’s out … now!

Tonight’s playlist:

Charlatans – You’re Not Very Well
Weaves – #53
Estrons – Cold Wash
Shed Seven – It’s Not Easy
Honey Lung – Stuttering Mind
Dream Wife – Fire
Horse Heads – Teeth
Weaves – Walkaway
Clara Luzia – On The Street
Lawrence and Cow – Watch Him Burn
Riff – Jezebel
Andy J Gallagher – I Don’t Wanna Be Like You
Yungblud – I Love You, Will You Marry Me
Sofa Surfers – Feel Good
New Musik – This World Of Water
Sleater-Kinney – Here We Come
Salad – Terrible Day
Wind-Up Birds – Where We Built Our Settlements
Darling Buds – Evergreen
Blur – Coping
British Sea Power – No Lucifer
Weaves – Law and Panda
Pulp – Monday Morning
They Might Be Giants – Shoehorn With Teeth
Stereolab – Ping Pong
L7 – Dispatch From Mar-A-Lago
Seazoo – Shoreline
Soundtrack Of Our Lives – Heading For A Breakdown
Wannadies – Hit
Sleeper – Inbetweener
MX Tyrants – Cyclical
New Fast Automatic Daffodils – Big