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Now, I’m no film critic or reviewer for that matter, but with the hype sound of Blade Runner 2049 reviews swiming around the media scene, I gave my pennies worth this week- minus spoilers. Along the way,  we spoke of gig that seem to sell out to those ticket companies, leaving fans frustrated and ticketless. On a posative note thou, we played some splendid new tracks from Curxes – Inertia – SIN.SIN – Matthias ft Mark Bebb – Hologram Teen -Tame Geius – EmT – Screens 4 Eyes. Plus we had a few old favorite artists aswell.

If you missed the live radio show, then why not check out the specially made edition rerun linked below via Mixcloud;


1As The World Stops Revolvingby Promernade Cinema

2When the World Comes Apartby Gary Numan

3Runway (Tim Callaghan Mix)by Mesh

4All Our Demonsby IAMTHESHADOW

5Greenby Jan Doyle Band

6Dream Machineby Inertia

7Fallen Famous (radio)by Lover

8Murderby Lionhearts

9Dark Belgian Discoby Frozen Nation


11Frequent Seasby Meter Bridge

12The Prisonerby Tears For Fears

13Modern ageby LorD and Master

14Code Feat. Mark Bebb (RADIO EDIT)by Matthias

15Keine Melodien 1234by Jeans Team

16Addictionby EmT

17How Long Must We Wait (Album Version)by Paul Humphies

18Secret Lifeby Screens 4 Eyes

19Cover Meby Depeche Mode

20Let Nothing Take your Pride (The Mr Strange Remix)by The Rude Awakening (Featuring Brooke Calder)

21BLACK MAGICby Vivien Glass

22Very Disco Discoveryby Tame Genius

23Ripby Future Perfect

24Post Apocalypteacakesby Hologram Teen

25These Pretty Thingsby SIN SIN

26A Million Wavesby Taff

27Octoberby Aha

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