Work, work, work

I was joined once more today by BRIAN HUGHES from Shenfield based solicitors, RAINER HUGHES.


Today Brian climbed aboard one of his real hobby horses to discuss the role of Management Agents. These organisations are clearly not top of Brian’s favourite organisations and if you missed it you can listen again to what Brian had to say on this subject by clicking on the link below: –

Later today we heard about the study which has concluded that an 8-hour working day is counter productive and that in any case most office workers do less than 3-hours productive work per day. It seems that after that the rest of the day is spent checking social media, 
reading news websites, discussing out-of-work activities with colleagues, making hot drinks, taking smoking breaks ( whether they smoke or not), sending texts or messages, eating snacks,  preparing food in the office, making calls to partners or friends and looking for new jobs.

Hard day at work

And here am I slogging away playing records for 2-hours.

I’ve had enough. I’m off home now. See you again tomorrow for another long grind!