Playlist for 26 Sep 2017 (AOTW: Brix and the Extricated – Part 2)

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This week’s album of the week is the excellent PART 2 from the wonderful BRIX AND THE EXTRICATED.

part 2

Brix Start Smith is an American singer and guitarist, best known as the lead guitarist and a major song writer for British post-punk band The Fall.

Brix left the band in 1989 and went on to have a successful career as a fashion entrepreneur and TV expert. In December 2014 she got together with with former Fall members Steve Hanley and Paul Hanley under the name Brix and the Extricated for a one-off gig – which went down rather well, so it was followed by another, and another, and here we are, the band’s debut album!


I spoke to Brix about it all a couple of weeks ago and you can still hear the interview here.

Tonight’s playlist:

Faerground Accidents – Gaslighter
Brix and the Extricated – Feeling Numb
Gengahr – Carrion
Space – Dangerous Day
Ysgol Sul – Silhouette
Lovely Eggs – I Shouldn’t Have Said That
Electric Six – Arrive Alive
Brix and the Extricated – Valentino
Screens – Jennifer Jones
Big Moon – Love In The 4th Dimension
Luxembourg Signal – Blue Field
Pumarosa – My Gruesome Loving Friend
Arcade Fire – Creature Comfort
Brix and the Extricated – Teflon
Pia Fraus – That’s Not All
Shed Seven – Room In My House
Blur – Out Of Time
Bloc Party – Banquet
Daisy Chainsaw – Love Your Money
Frank and Walters – Daisy Chain
Salad – Drink The Elixir
Sleeper – Delicious
An Emotional Fish – Celebrate
Ned’s Atomic Dustbin – Happy
Thousand Yard Stare – Version Of Me
Divine Comedy – Bernice Bobs Her Hair
Cardigans – Happy Meal II
Catch – Bingo
Samurai Seven – Xeroxy Music
Pixies – Monkey Gone To Heaven
Voice Of The Beehive – Beat Of Love
Boo Radleys – Firesky