Friday Night Extra 22.9.17 with Graham Hamborg, Gary Seithel and singer Eugene Phillips.

Eugene Phillips Sept 17 1Graham came to talk to us about how he became a Vicar and his 40 years in ordained ministry. Before he went for training, a friend had said, “Graham is the last person I can imagine as a Vicar!” His varied ministry included being a curate in Slough and for eighteen years a Vicar in Buckinghamshire. In recent times he has been involved in the training of newly ordained clergy. He said how he has loved it all. Retirement plans include for the first time owning a house and for the first time and being able to do with whatever he and his wife want to do. He will also be working on a book that has to be finished during 2019. Gary came to talk about the free BBQ in Ingatestone tomorrow between 11.30 – 2p.m. outside the church. It will be a great event, a real celebration. Eugene will be singing at the event tomorrow and stunned everyone with his wonderful voice, singing two songs live tonight. This was a real treat.

Tonight’s playlist

Crosby, Stills and Nash – Marrakesh Express

Boney M – Rivers of Babylon – chosen by Graham

Van Morrison & Cliff Richard – Whenever God shines his light

Van Morrison – Have I told you lately that I love you

Tight Fit – The lion sleeps tonight – requested by Phyl

Michael Horner Trio – Autumn in New York – a show exclusive from a talented group of local musicians.

Harry Chapin – Cat’s in the cradle

Eugene Phillips – The king is coming – sung live in the studio

Eugene Phillips – The light of the city – sung live in the studio

Shania Twain – Swinging with my eyes open

Lisa Harman – Nothing I can do – loved by my studio guests – another show exclusive

Bob Lind – Elusive butterfly

ECHO – Reach out, I will be there – catch them live as part of the concert in Ingatestone church on Saturday 30th at 7p.m.

Joe Stilgoe – What’s on?

Diana Krall – Night and Day – loved by Matt, getting ready for his show.

I will see you next week with another two hours, live from Brentwood to wherever you may be…





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