The Interesting Alternative last 3 playlists and Mixcloud re-cues

Hi Prog Pickers!
Sorry for the lack of updates!
Here are the last three IAS Playlists with links to their Mixcloud streams


Steely Dan – Kid Charlemagne (The Royal Scam)
Thundercat – Heartbreaks + Setbacks (Apocalypse)
Buttonhead – Robocop Sunset (Never Or Forget)
The Gasman – Ethyl Nitrate Spirit (Like This EP)
Urban Sax – La Traversee (Inside)
Julia Holter – Lucette Stranded On The Island (Have You In My Wilderness)
Ametsub – Mbr Flurries (Seefeel Remix) (Mbira Lights 1 EP)
Cheer Accident – Immanence (Putting Off Death)
a.P.A.t.T. – Give My Regards To Bold St. (Fun With music)
Aquaserge – Tintin On Est Bien Mon Loulou (Laisse Ca Etre)
Skeletons – The Telephone Rings (Life And The Afterbirth)
FIve Storey Ensemble – Woods Are Worried From Boredom (Night En Face)
Valentin Clastrier – New Delit (Les Butcher Des Silences)
Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith & Suzanne Ciani – Closed Circuit (Sunergy)
Gnod – Desire (Infinity Machines)
Steely Dan – Gaucho (Gaucho)


North Sea Radio Orchestra – Dronne (Dronne)
My Tricksy Spirit – Winter Story (My Tricksy Spirit)
Captain Beefheart – Love Lies (Shiney Beast – Bat Chain Puller)
Broadcast – Colour Me In (Ha Ha Sound)
April March & Aquaserge – Ready Aim Love (same)
Deerhoof – Criminals Of The Dream (The Magic)
Present – Promenade Au Fond D’un Canal (Triskaidekaphobie)
Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith – Stunts (Euclid)
Setna – Unite (Cycle 1)
Urban Sax – La Marche Des Narguiles (Inside)
Albert Marcoeur – Anne Chez Elle (Plusiers Cas De Figure)
Albert Marcoeur – Le Tourniquet (Marcoeur (Mar et Coeur comme coeur)
Albert Marcoeur – Ballade A Jean (Celui Au Y’a Joseph)
Albert Marcoeur – Bouges Pas (Ma Vie Avec Elles)
Albert Marcoeur – Bourree En La (Travaux Practiques)
The Other Without – Earthstar Transmitter (The Other Without)


Miriodor – Gallinule d’Amerique (Signal 9
Cheer Accident – Immanance (Putting Off Death)
Miriodor – Passage Secret (Signal 9)
Camera – Ego (Radiate)
Tricot – Wabi-Sabi (3)
April March & Aquaserge – Parce Que Pourquoi (Same)
Gnod – Collateral Damage (Infinity Machines)
Martin Archer – In Stereo Gravity/All The Wars Were Lost (Reprise) (In Stereo Gravity)
Giant Swan – Live At Contra Pop (Contra Pop 21-23 August 2015 Ramsgate Beach)
The Gasman – Like This #3 (Like This EP CD)
Rogue Spore – Margarine Dream (Escape From Asafoetida)
Daniel Denis – A L’Ombre Du Zed (Sirius And The Ghosts)
Daniel Denis – Opus Rictus (Les Eaux Troubles)
5UU’s – Compromisation (Points Of View)
5UU’s – Thoroughly Modern Attila (Abandonship)
5UU’s – Geronimo (Hungers Teeth)
Admirals Hard – Rounding The Horn (Upon A Painted Ocean)
William Drake – In Converse (Revere Reach)