Milburn – new album, tour and lots of football …

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Sheffield indie rockers Milburn returned to the music scene last year after 8 years away, and have been making up for lost time having played several sold out shows and recorded a new album, Time, which is out on 29 September.


The band also built up a cult following with many people professing their love from them, including former Doncaster Rovers player Louis Tomlinson.


I spoke to lead singer Joe Carnell about getting the band back together, the new songs and their forthcoming tour, the biggest one they’ve embarked upon to date.

The band are also taking part in this weekend’s Soccer Sixfest in London. As I’m a West Ham fan and the band support Sheffield Wednesday, we also found some common ground to talk about …


Keep an eye on the band’s official website to find out the latest on new shows and releases.