Up, Up and Away!

We heard today about a budding escapologist.

A 33-year old woman from Texas, Toscha Sponsler was placed under arrest after local Police responded to a call of a possible shoplifter.

Out of handcuffs

In a statement, authorities said, “As officers went through her bags of stolen goods, Sponsler removed her seat belt, slipped her cuffs and climbed through a window partition to the driver’s seat.”


She then led police on a 23-minute, high-speed chase during which she was seen “reaching for the officer’s shotgun, which was mechanically locked to the vehicle.”

The chase was finally brought to an abrupt end when a Texas Department of Safety Trooper used a PIT manoeuvre, which caused her to lose control of the vehicle.

The promising new escapology career may have to wait for a while though as Toscha is now facing charges of escape, causing serious bodily injury, threat of a deadly weapon, aggravated assault against a public servant, possession of a controlled substance, evading arrest with a vehicle with a previous conviction and unauthorised use of a vehicle.

For now, at least, she remains in the Angelina County Jail on a $18,000 bond.

Later in the show Margaret Mills stopped by with news of an Essex based balloonist from the Victorian era.

Our hero’s name was Joseph Simmons, who’s promising exploits came to an abrupt end after ropes from the balloon became caught up resulting in an abrupt end to his flight.

You can re-live what Margaret told me by clicking on the link below:-

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