What a voice! Rhys Lewis – Soulful Live session & in interview

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Joined in the studio by soulful singer/songwriter, Rhys Lewis. I have been playing out I know the Feeling (released on Decca Records) for the last two weeks. Its a classy number and showcases off Rhys’s song writing and vocal talent.

If you love your soul, then this guy has got it. A voice that has punch when needed but he doesn’t over sing and beautifully crafted songs along with percussive guitar. Its not just Rhys and his guitar,  he is just about to set off on a European Tour with his band. He will then be back in the UK on November 22nd at Oslo, London. If you get a chance to see him live you wont be disappointed!

His live sound makes me think of all things summer. We had a great chat off air about music and writing. Humble guy with an awesome talent and as they say “one to watch for 2018”.

Rhys will have his debut album completed early 2018.

INTERVIEW & LIVE PERFORANCE – Things you Cant Change 




Rising star Rhys Lewis writes songs from the heart – Evening Standard

Rhys Lewis is a sensational. Stylishly shot and wonderfully pieced together affair CLASH

Really soulful vibes the songwriting is no frills attached and straight to the point – proving devilishly addictiveCrack In The Road

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