Body Talk 16/7/16

New research has now revealed both the fittest and the laziest countries. Smart phone data from more than 700,000 people has been collected by scientists to show just how active we all are.

The people of Hing Kong can be proud to know that they are officially the fittest walking and avaerage of 6,880 steps each day, about 3 and a half miles. The people of Indonesia are on the other end of the scale and are the laziest, walking just 3,513 steps per day. By comparison we in the UK manage 5,444 (just less than 3 miles) steps per day, placing us 12th in a very long list of countries, so I guess that means we don’t fare too badly in the fitness stakes.  The US manage just 4,774 steps.

This study is 1,000 times larger than any previous study done of this nature. The average number of daily steps taken worldwide was 4,961, or 2 and a half miles. Canada,Australis and New Zealand also fell below that average.

This data will help to tackle fitness and obesity levels in each country. Strangely, the average number of steps taken had little to do with obesity levels Sweden has one of the biggest gaps between active and inactive people but has one of the lowest rates of obesity.

Interesting findings though, gathered from the Argus App,which is an ongoing study.