It’s another Happy Monday!

On this lovely Monday afternoon we heard about the parents of children at a kindergarten and junior school, who inadvertently stuffed their offspring’s lunch boxes with snacks intended for dogs!

Scooby Snacks

It seems that packs of “Scooby Snack” brand treats – complete with pictures of Scooby Doo – were accidentally placed near the crisps and snacks aisle in a local Pak’nSave supermarket.

Whilst unsurprisingly many of the kids turned their noses up at the treats – one described them as “rubbish”, one of the parents scoffed two packets straight off, saying that “they tasted pretty damn good” .

Clearly there’s no accounting for taste!

jackpot win

Meanwhile from New York comes news of a woman who thought she’d hit the jackpot, when the machine she was playing printed out a winning ticket for around $43m.

So you can imagine her disappointment when the casino refused to pay out but offered her a steak dinner worth just $2.25!

The casino claims that the machine wasn’t working right and that it had printed the winning ticket due to a technical glitch.

Casino officials point out that all machines have a stamp on them that reads: ‘Malfunctions void all pays and plays’   which sounds like a heads I win, tales you lose “catch all” get out clause to me!

She is now suing the casino and as her lawyer says ‘You can’t just claim a machine is broken because you want it to be broken’.

If you’re feeling lucky join me again tomorrow at 1pm,