The ExtraJordanary Show | Episode 5: Fathers Day Special

Episode Theme: Friends & Family
Guests: Ren Stedman (recording artist), Jordan’s Dad (Simon), Jordan’s Brother (Dalton), Jordan’s Sister (Cody)

TEJS ep5


Easily the most LOL episode thus far! No contest.

Who would win out of every living Milky Bar Kid and a single shark, in an Olympic size swimming pool? Dalton knows. Which cake would you pair with a Rum and Lilt? Cody’ll let you know. Best TV show ever? ‘Black In The Attic’, as it goes. I adore my extraordinary family and this episode should demonstrate why. Happy Fathers Day! Don’t kill any zombie kids! Unless you’re Dalton, then 9 will suffice.

Ren Stedman top and tails the show with his incredible music LIVE in the studio. Twitter @renstedmanmusic
Twiiter & Insta @Talldarkfriend