Playlist for 06 Jun 2017 (AOTW: Jane Weaver – Modern Kosmology)

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Tonight’s album of the week is from Jane Weaver.

Jane Weaver Modern Kosmology

I have to confess I’ve never really come across Jane’s work very much until now. I remember her first band Kill Laura, active between 1993 and 1996; I don’t recall her next, Misty Oak, very much at all; I certainly didn’t realise she’s been very prolific, releasing eight albums in 11 years. I’ve got a lot of catching up to do.

Modern Kosmology contnues a musical progression within those releases – I’m a big fan of Kosmische and this album is rapidly filling a Stereolab-shaped hole in my musical heart. Go get it!

Tonight’s playlist:

Thousand Yard Stare – Dystopia
Jane Weaver – The Architect
Blameless – Breathe (A Little Deeper)
Darling Buds – Complicated
Scarletts – In The Mirror
Blood Red Shoes – Count Me Out
Mise en Scene – Closer
Bivouac – Good Day Song
Hot Puppies – Green Eyeliner
Trampolene – Beautiful Pain
Jane Weaver – Slow Motion
Dawnings – Winter’s Done
Grizzly Bear – Three Rings
Kamikaze Girls – Deathcap
Leggy – I’m Gonna Destroy That Boy
Scarlet – Who Left The Iron On
Charlatans – Plastic Machinery
Rose Elinor Dougall – Stellular
The Trusted – Sunlight
Jane Weaver – Did You See Butterflies?
Taffy – Murkiii
British Sea Power – What You’re Doing
Here Are The Young Men feat Uncle Peanut and Eddie Argos – Pop Stars Down The Pub
Mammút – Breathe Into Me
Trash Can Sinatras – One At A Time
East Village – Here It Comes
Senseless Things – Should I Feel It
Sultans of Ping FC – Mescaline
Super Furry Animals – Hometown Unicorn
Theaudience – I Know Enough (I Don’t Get Enough)
Garbage – Dumb
New Young Pony Club – The Bomb