An ExtraJordanary Leap of Faith

Jordan Gray | Tall Dark Friend

Pending a cataclysmic pilot, Paul Golder and the good folks at Phoenix FM have deemed me worthy of my very own weekly show!

That’s nice, innit.

They do know I’m just a reality TV contestant, right…? 😉

Come May 21 2017, this indie artist-turned-aspiring comedian will be harrumphing your Sunday afternoons from 4-6pm as the voice of “The ExtraJordanary Show”. Taking over from Adam Dyer’s “All That Jazz”, TEJS will focus around the ordinary lives of extraordinary people (and vice versa). So forget *cataclysmic*, this show will be CHAT-aclysmic (… that is my first and only Allan Partridge pun, Paul, I promise!)

From big-name interviews in-studio (no rushing the station!) to live music from local up and comers – all punctuated with the tunes of my teens and occasionally the progressive end of what’s currently ‘current’.

Don’t forget competitions! As if I wouldn’t have competitions!? All that delicious power! Yes please. Keep your ears peeled every week for the A to my Q and win yourself anything from a random movie bundle to… well… ANYTHING. What do you want?

Jordanites, to arms! I want to hear from YOU. Tweet the show @talldarkfriend #extrajordanary and give us something extraordinary to talk about.

I must extend my deepest dearest thanks to fellow Phoenix FM presenters Michelle Ward (“Eat My Brunch”) and Mike Jones (“One 2 Three”) for the radio crash-course and to station controller Paul Golder for making this remarkable leap of faith. Big thanks also to Boy George (tune-in to the show for the answer to that particular riddle).

Will I flop like a fish OR will I rise from the self-ignited ashes of my former pop career like a… umm.. what’s that mythical bird with all the fire called again..? | |

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