Body Talk 15/4/17

Who are the healthiest people in the world? What do they eat and how do they live?

It seems strange that the modern world is constantly searching for the secret of youth, yet it is the modern world that prevents us from attaining it. The people who live the longest are those who live far from modern society in a very simple way.

The correct diet could extend your life by ten or even twenty years. There are certain so called Blue Zones around the world where people live well into their nineties or even their hundreds!

There is a region in Costa Rica where people live very close to the land and have a very basic diet, food is minimally processed and includes tortillas, yams, beans,plantains and a very small amount of meat. Breakfast is the heaviest meal and dinner and lunch are light. In addition their water has the highest calcium content.

The average life expectancy in Japan is 84 which is about 10 years more than in the USA. People who live in Okinawa live to be 100 or more.They attribute their longevity to their diet of fresh vegetables, brown rice, tofu, seaweed and fish. They also don’t overindulge  believing in quality rather than quantity.

Sardinia in Italy and Ikara in Greece are also important in terms of the longevity of their inhabitants. They are both home to the mediterranean diet, and both produce food from the land and have very little in the way of processed food. Meat is hard to produce and so features very little in their diet.

The message here seems clear, to live a long and healthy life, eat fresh food, little or no meat and plenty of exercise and fresh air.