It’s the law!

Brian HughesI was very pleased to be joined once more by BRIAN HUGHES, consultant solicitor from Shenfield based, Rainer Hughes.

Noisy neighbours

Brian’s subject today was NOISY NEIGHBOURS and you can listen again to what Brian had to say on this subject by clicking on the link below – but listen on headphones or keep the volume down!

Also on today’s show we heard about the woman from Rhode Island who was caught by an over zealous parking attendant and slapped with a $30 fine for occupying a parking slot 2 seconds early. Unsurprisingly the hapless victim refused to cough up but by the time the case came to court, the fine had tripled to $90.

Parking fine

Mercifully the judge took pity on the woman and threw the case out of court.

No chance for that judge now to be considered for a place on the supreme court, me thinks!

See you later this week,