Body Talk 4/5/16



This week my guest was Nick Dale, Naturopath, and we were talking about iridology.

It’s a fascinating subject and Nick was able to accurately pinpoint a couple of things that I am aware of, without ever having met me before!! Well worth a visit. He is also a naturopath , so anything that does come up in the consultation he can direct you towards the appropriate natural medicine.

It is a diagnostic tool started by German Doctors in the last century, and has become a popular tool used by practitioners to help identify the location of inflammation, weaknesses, and toxicity in the body.

As you can see from the chart of the iris below, sections have been identified as representative of body parts and systems.

After seeing tens of thousands of irises these Doctors agreed upon and put together a system known as iridology, or eye diagnosis.

It is quite exact in its diagnosis, such as pinpointing precise parts of the body and problems that may exist.


If you’d like to know more you can contact Nick by phone 01379 308707, he’s more than happy to answer your health questions or by email or you can find his website at