StageLeftChris Simpson 25 09 15On this week’s show I chatted with the founder of a podcast which lifts the veil on the music industry by candid interviews with session musicians who’ve worked with some of the biggest names in the business – amongst them Oasis, Fleetwood Mac and Michael Jackson.

Despite being barely a year old The StageLeft Podcast has already been featured in national newspapers and written about by Sheryl Crow; Chris Simpson explained how the idea came about and why he thinks performers give their time to speak more frankly to him than to the mainstream media.

I was fascinated to learn the secret cue Elvis used to give his band when they needed to start playing and to hear some of the common pieces of advice those who’ve “made it” give to musicians looking to break into the business professionally.

Chris is passionate about what he does and the podcast is free to listen to, although if you enjoy what you hear contributions to the costs are welcome.

Listen again to our interview: