Playlist for 26 April 2015 (AOTW: Blur – The Magic Whip)

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This week’s Album Of The Week is a no brainer – I was very excited back in February when I heard that Blur were ready to put out a new album, although having remembered their sporadic “phone it in/maybe it’s a B side?” offerings in recent years (Bad Day, Under The Westway, The Puritan), not to mention Damon Albarn’s solo offerings, I did wonder if it was going to be another Think Tank and not a Modern Life Is Rubbish. First single Go Out helped to swing it towards the latter and the rest of the album didn’t disappoint – there isn’t one weak track on the album, and the words “return to form” are completely undeserved if talking about anything other than this.


We also played out my interview with Marika Hackman which I recorded a couple of days ago.

Tonight’s playlist:

Laura Marling – Gurdjieff’s Daughter
Blur – My Terracotta Heart
Flash Bang Band – Spooky Action At A Distance
Garbage – The Chemicals
Taffy – Suicidal Bunny
Sarah Cracknell – On The Swings
Frank and Walters – Look At Us Now
Pop Will Eat Itself – They Can’t Take (What You Won’t Let ‘Em Have)
Fight Like Apes – Pretty Keen On Centerfolds
Marika Hackman – Ophelia
Will Varley – We Don’t Believe You
Everything Everything – Distant Past
Blur – Ice Cream Man
Pinkshinyultrablast – Umi
Maccabees – Marks To Prove It
Kaleidophone – Ether
Hot Chip – Need You Now
FFS – Johnny Delusional
Faerground Accidents – Woeful Small Town
La Casa al Mare – I Don’t Want To
Clean George IV – Remorse
Blur – Thought I Was A Spaceman
Wombats – Give Me A Try
Son – Highway Light
Finding Miranda – Slow Drive Home
Courtney Barnett – Pedestrian At Best
Modest Mouse – Lampshades On Fire
Spoon – Everything Hits At Once
Radiohead – Planet Telex