Best of Essex bands and singers – 2014

Tonight’s show was a two hour special highlighting 30 of the great singers and bands that have crossed our paths over the last 12 months. You can hear it again on the player above.

The playlist was:

Vardo and the Boss – Pockets
States Of Emotion – The Way That I’m Wired
Asylums – I’ve Seen Your Face In A Music Magazine
Frett – Porcelain
Scarletts – Dressed In Black
Bleech – Easy Ride
Tenek – If I Should Fall
Calico – Insult To Injury (Phoenix FM session 23-10-2014)
Jail and the Big Guns – Basically
Fashoda Crisis – A Eulogy of Sorts
Eight Rounds Rapid – Dostoyevsky
Suzie B – Uncomfortably Numb
Rob Jones – Get So High (acoustic) (clean)
Everglows – Tatty Little Love Song
Velvet Tree – Pockets Full Of Rain (Phoenix FM session 11-09-2014)
Flares – Pillar To Post
High/Low – Crashland
Killatrix – Supersonic
Looking For Liam – She’s No Good For Me
Finding Miranda – Karaoke Singers
Mannequins – Everytime I See Ya
Ordinary Noise – Backstabber
Evarane – Critic
MBG – Fields
Ends – Just Do It
Leanne Louise – Save Your Heart (Phoenix FM session 24-01-2014)
Scarlet Echo – Mainstream
We Are The Ocean – Ark
Deniers – Unexploded Bombs
JacksonsWarehouse – Right Here Right Now