Ian Southgate & Stewart Briggs

Ian Southgate & Stewart Briggs

Before this morning’s show I knew little about Godspell other than it being an iconic musical of the 70s that had something to do with the Bible, and my guests from Brentwood Operatic Society confirmed those facts as we talked about their own forthcoming production at Brentwood Theatre.

His lead role as Jesus is Stewart Briggs’ first appearance with BOS but the third time he’ll have taken part in Godspell in a varied career that’s also included Shakespearean roles, and he explained that the musical is largely a lighthearted interpretation of parables and other stories found in the New Testament book of Matthew – with a particular twist that Stewart said would only be revealed by going along to see their production!

Musical Director Ian Southgate talked about BOS’ plans beyond Godspell, including a fundraising concert next Spring and later next year The Wiz, the musical version of The Woonderful Wizard of Oz. He said there’s a great social side to the Society – which is over 100 years old – and they’re always happy to welcome new members; for more information visit the website.

Godspell is at Brentwood Theatre from Tuesday 4th to Saturday 8th November, including a Saturday matinee. For ticket information visit the Box Office.

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