Remus needs your help!

remus-newlogoWe have a number of organisations in our area caring for needy animals and I caught up with one of them this morning – Remus Memorial Horse Sanctuary – based at Buttsbury near Ingatestone.

Formed in 1983, Remus provides lifetime help and care for not just horses but also donkeys and other large farm animals who are victims of physical or mental abuse, whether as a result of ignorance or malicious intent, and Fran told me about some of those they’ve rescued this year. Amongst them was Grace, a blind horse who’d been left to fend for herself on the public roads of Romford despite being heavily pregnant. Thanks to the care of Remus she went on to have her foal, Jess; however, due to health problems Jess needed to be bottle fed every two hours for the first week of her life – with founder of Remus, Sue Burton, and volunteers like Fran taking turns to sit with her through the night!

Grace, Bracken, Holly & Jess

Grace, Bracken, Holly & Jess

Fran also explained that with no let up in demand for their care Remus has been facing severe financial pressures, meaning they’re always grateful for offers of help – such as by holding a fundraising event, booking a speaker or by making a donation.

Remus’ final Open Day of the year is on Sunday 5th October – these are always great fun for all the family, so do try and get along!

For details of how you can support Remus visit the website, and to listen again click here: