Was life so much better then?

Another busy show, including a look ahead to the penultimate day of the Commonwealth Games and a stack load of good songs to wile away the morning as many of the roads across the area ground to a halt – from the likes of Macy Gray, Blur and Frank Sinatra.

I also dug out another song you probably hadn’t heard in a while that was Acceptable in the 80s, for which I gave the clue:

This 1987 song takes us back to the days when life was so much better.”*

On the subject of the 80s, I’m not around for a couple of weeks, but next week’s show will be in the very capable hands of Xanthe Bearman – who spins nothing but GR80’s two hours every Thursday night!

*The Acceptable in the 80s clue was a reference to a lyric from Turn Back the Clock by Johnny Hates Jazz, which featured backing vocals by Kim Wilde