Playlist for 29 May 2014 (AOTW: The Wind-Up Birds – Poor Music)

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This week’s Album Of The Week is the second offering from Leeds’ Wind Up-Birds. They’re a bit like a northern Art Brut, or a slightly more southern Fall.


The band’s official website is here and you can order the new album from their Bandcamp page here.

Tonight’s playlist:

Pop Will Eat Itself – Ich Bin Ein Auslander
Tame Impala – Mind Mischief
DZ Deathrays – Reflective Skull
Bravery – Public Service Announcement
Wind-Up Birds – The Gristle
Blessa – Open Fields
Happyness – Great Minds Think Alike, All Brains Taste The Same
Lovestarrs – Bullet
Haley Bonar – Woke Up In My Future
High/Low – Crashland
Colour Me Wednesday – Sugar Coated
Sleeper – Inbetweener
Salad – Cardboy King
Andrew Grumbridge feat Lockton – The Catastrophic Transfer Of Wealth From The Young To The Old
Arctic Monkeys – Snap Out Of It
British Sea Power – Fear Of Drowning
Desperate Journalist – Happening
Menswear – Crash (2014)
Grísalappalísa – ABC
Pop Will Eat Itself – Reclaim The Game
Sultans Of Ping FC – Do Re Mi
J Xaverre – A Guess, Rewind
Kaiser Chiefs – Meanwhile Up In Heaven
Wind-Up Birds – Guy Ritchie
Two Koreas – Je Lis En Francais
Tom Vek – Sherman (Animals In The Jungle)
Republica – Pretty Girl Hate
Slow Club – Suffering You, Suffering Me
Jocasta – Go
Tricks – On Trial
Wind-Up Birds – Bar Sadness
Bjork – Venus As A Boy