Essex Tourettes Action

Essex Tourettes ActionI had a fascinating chat this morning about the tic disorder Tourettes Syndrome, with the founders of a local support group – Brigette and Peter Carter – along with their daughter Emilly, together with 8 year-old Cameron and his Mum Kathy Rout.

Cameron and Emilly both have Tourettes, and Kathy explained that, whilst Cameron occasionally shouts out an expletive, the vast majority of people with the condition are affected in ways other than coprolalia, the term for involuntary swearing that’s normally portrayed in the media. Tourettes Syndrome covers a wide spectrum of symptoms; if you think you or someone you know could be affected check out the Tourettes Action website for more information.

The Essex Tourettes Action Group meets on the third Saturday of each month at Willowbrook Hall in Hutton, and a couple of weeks ago Kathy had her head shaved to raise funds – and awareness – for the group. Read more about why she did it here; and to find out more about the group visit their new Facebook page or keep up to date via Twitter. If my guests were anything to go by you’ll get a very warm welcome and lots of support from the group, and no doubt have loads of fun too! Contact them by email at

Listen again here:Feelgood Saturday 01 02 14 Essex Tourettes Action Group