Saturday sampling

Greg Hummell - Prismism Project

Greg Hummell – Prismism Project

Another airing this morning to a couple of the many talented up and coming musicians we’ve featured on Phoenix recently.

First up was Greg Hummell, otherwise known as Prismism Project, who recorded a session live for us demonstrating his use of live looping & sampling to give an alternative electronic sound – to listen again visit the One-2-Three showpage.

Hettie Steinmore in session on the Jed Shepherd Show

Hettie Steinmore in session on the Jed Shepherd Show

Later it was the turn of Hettie Steinmore, who started writing songs when she was just 12 after being inspired by the music of Taylor Swift to take up the guitar. Hettie recently appeared on Jed Shepherd’s Sunday afternoon show, and you can listen again here.

I also gave you another Word Up! lyric teaser, when I asked if you could identify which song contains these lines:

A midnight sea that swells in your eyes.  Takes just one look to know I’m still mesmerized!”*

*Word Up! was Level 42’s Leaving me now:Word Up – Level 42 – Leaving me now

The song’s beautiful piano riff was sampled on Strike’s 1997 dance anthem, I have peace:Strike I have peace