Phoenix FM talk to Public Service Broadcasting

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Phoenix FM interview with Public Service Broadcasting (Paul, 18-11-2013)

Public Service Broadcasting have been favourites on the Phoenix FM playlists for more than a year now. After a series of single and EP releases in 2012, the duo of Wrigglesworth (drums) and J Willgoose, Esq (everything else) released their debut album in May of this year to great critical acclaim as well as a top 21 placing in the UK album charts.


If you haven’t come across them before, the most accurate way to describe them would be a cross between Jean-Michel Jarre, Pathe News and Deliverance.

I spoke to them before their sold-out gig at the Junction in Cambridge about the three Fs – frisbees, fisticuffs and Friesland’s famous skating tournament.

I had the added bonus of watching a great gig afterwards – the songs have an added urgency when played live, the visuals were fantastic, and while I heeded their advice to be aware of the dangerous Wafty Mobile Phone Camera Video Disorder during the gig, I understand that the live show might have looked something like this.

2013-11-18 Public Service Broadcasting 01

You can keep abreast of what the band are up to by keeping an eye on their official website, Facebook or Twitter.