Worst song from the 90s

For the last two years at Phoenix I have run a vote to find the worst song from a particular decade. The first year Phoenix fm listeners and members voted J J Barrie – No Charge the worst song from the 1970s. The following year was the worst song from the 80s and after a close fought battle, the honour went to Anita Dobson – Anyone Can Fall In Love.

So why am I telling you all this? Well, this year it’s the turn of the 90s. The decade that bought us Acid house, Brit pop and some really naff songs!

What I need at the moment is nominations, so get thinking and nominate as many songs as you wish but please put the artist and title (as an example dont say something like “anything by madonna”)

You can send your nominations in various ways:

  • Nominate on here submitting a comment
  • Add me to your Facebook (search for Gary Casserley) and message me
  • E-mail: post@easy-2-pass.co.uk
  • Log into the Phoenix fm chat room on a Monday between 6-8pm whilst I’m on air

Once the nominations are in, a judging panel will sit down and put together the final list of songs, that list will be announced at the beginning of November and its then that the voting begins and at the beginning of December I will announce what Phoenix Fm listeners regard as the worst song from the 90s.

I look forward to your nominations


Gary Casserley