Playlist for 11 July 2013 (interview with Paul and Lee from Weirdgear/MM Recordings)


Much more talking and much less tuneage this week but no matter because we were delighted to welcome back Lee Maher and Paul Barlow from old friends Weirdgear. Lee and Paul talked about their new album and impending hiatus, and their ventures into recordlabelling with Magico Meccannisimo Recordings where they have attracted fellow Essex electronicsts Go Yoko! and Shinzou, which is Japanese for heart, but don’t worry as they don’t sound anything like the Heart that bothered us all in the 80s. There’s lots of releases planned, but you can hear all about that by clicking the link below and listening to the show again!

Tonight’s playlist:

Pulp – After You (Soulwax remix)
Franz Ferdinand – Right Action
Hics – Tangle
FM Belfast – We Are Faster Than You
Iskaa and the Red Cars – Desire
Go Yoko! – Sunlight
Shinzou – Uteki
Weirdgear – Points
Vile Electrodes – Re-Emerge
Jenson Code – The [Silence] Machine
Apples – Free
Jam – Precious
Bloc Party – Ratchet
Melody’s Echo Chamber – You Won’t Be Missing That Part Of Me
Lost Harbours – Spirals
Limbic Void – Stay Strong
British Sea Power – Machineries Of Joy
Witchingseason – God’s Waiting Room
Taffy – Sweet Violet
Chvrches – Gun