One-2-Three – A Photo finish

What a fabulous sunny spring afternoon we enjoyed this Tuesday afternoon. It would be hard to dream of a better day to enjoy some great music, oddball news stories and to reminisce about times gone by.

I only managed to squeeze in one item of strange news, this about a 101 year old woman who woke up just as she was being lowered into her coffin! It seems that she had suffered a fall the previous week and pronounced dead. She had been bathed by her daughters and prepared for cremation by the undertakers without seemingly showing any signs of life only to revive just as she was being placed in her coffin. When she came to she wondered why so many people were in her house. Apart from the surprise, she was clearly delighted to have so narrowly avoided being cremated, she was also delighted by the size of the turnout for her “funeral”. Thankfully the shock didn’t kill her! A good news story indeed.

In the second hour FRANCES CLAMP provided the history of BILLERICAY’S  PHOTOFOLD CAMERA CLUB. Listen again to what Frances had to reveal about this old club right here: – [audio:|titles=Bygones 5th March]

I’ll see you again next Monday at 1 or on Saturday at noon.