Playlist for 14 February 2013 (AOTW: My Bloody Valentine – mbv)

I’ve enjoyed listening to the much-lauded mbv this week, which is kind of odd as I was never a particular fan of the band and I still haven’t heard the “mouldbreaking” Loveless. Maybe one day, when I get a quiet moment! mbv is best listened to in bed with headphones on, trust me on this.

Jenson Code – The [Silence] Machine
My Bloody Valentine – In Another Way
History Of Apple Pie – The Warrior
Family Gotown – Maybe Tomorrow
Cable – Hexagon Eye
Depeche Mode – Heaven
Le Page – Lleana
Sonic Boom Six – Virus
Sonic Boom Six – Keep On Believing
Belter – The Invisible Cat
Art Brut – The Great Escape
My Bloody Valentine – Nothing Is
History Of Apple Pie – I Want More
Þeyr – Rúdolf
Just Handshakes – London Bound
Kristin Hersh – Some Dumb Runaway
Palma Violets – Step Up For The Cool Cats
Bloc Party – Octopus (RAC remix)
Stereolab – Margerine Melodie
My Bloody Valentine – Only Tomorrow
Taffy – So Long
Wind-Up Birds – Good Shop Shuts