Playlist for 7 February 2013 (AOTW: The History Of Apple Pie – Out Of View)

In the week that My Bloody Valentine’s first album in 22 years hit your ears, was it churlish to choose anything else? Not at all, THOAP’s great debut album hits the territory between Lush and Elastica and that’s no bad thing at all.

Also played out yesterday’s interview with The 1975 and if you missed it you can hear it again here.

Everything Everything – Kemosabe (Post War Years remix)
History Of Apple Pie – Tug
Adam Ant – Cool Zombie
Skunk Anansie – This Is Not A Game
Naked Lunch – Keep It Hardcore
Radiohead – There There
Sibyl Vane – What’s My Name
Joy Formidable – Tendons
History Of Apple Pie – The Warrior
Courtney Love – Mono
Le Page – Closure
Marsheaux – Alone
They Might Be Giants – Black Ops
I Am Waiting For You Last Summer – Solar Wind
1975 – Chocolate
Dutch Uncles – Threads
Fashoda Crisis – Horatio
Plantman – Lunaria
My Bloody Valentine – New You
History Of Apple Pie – I Want More
Vile Electrodes – Re-Emerge
Future Ages – Under Orders
Knifeworld – Clairvoyant Fortnight
Jenson Code – The (Silence) Machine