Playlist for 17 January 2013 (AOTW: Everything Everything – Arc)

Difficult choices as a lot of good albums are coming out at once, but I went for Everything Everything’s second album, Arc, which came out this week. It hardly needs an introduction, as both my show and the rest of the station have been playing singles Cough Cough and Kemosabe for ages.

Tonight’s playlist:

Little Roy – Lithium
Everything Everything – Kemosabe
Bellatrix – Sweet Surrender
Haiku Salut – Sounds Like There’s A Pacman Crunching Away At Your Heart
Taffy – So Long
Fashoda Crisis – Another Disappointing Product From The Simon Smith Broken Promises Factory
Everything Everything – Don’t Try
Black Dots – Single Love
Bob Mould – The Descent
Bleech – Dancing Without You
Plantman – Lunaria
Foals – My Number
Subrosa – Dead Hearts
Charlie Boyer and the Voyeurs – I Watch You
David Bowie – Where Are We Now
Suede – Barriers
China Drum – Wuthering Heights
Everything Everything – Radiant
VII – Tides
Dutch Uncles – Flexxin
Republica – Christiana Obey (Tenek remix)
1975 – Chocolate
Jensen Code – Flight to London
Good Natured – 5-HT
Sojourn Society – Caption Closed
I Am Waiting For You Last Summer – Solar Wind
Theme Park – Tonight
Dubstar – Stars