Playlist for 19 December 2012 (AOTW: I Like Trains – The Shallows)

– What happens if the computer in the studio crashes at Christmas?
– I’ll restart it from home.
– How do you do that?
– I have Team Viewer.
– What is that?
– It allows me to control the computer from my house?
– Can I do that to Club Penguin? Hack their machines?
– You need to get permission from the computer you want to control.
– Shall I email them first then?
– Yes. Please do that.
– Will they get mad at me?
– No, they’ll be fine.
– OK, I’ll do it now …

It *is* nearly Christmas but I cheated a bit with tonight’s Album Of The Week – I’d forgotten that I hadn’t featured this when it came out in April, and it’s well worth a revisit.

Tonight’s playlist:

Death In The Afternoon – Francis and the City
Eva On The Western Castle Island – California Shrills
Divine Fits – Baby Get Worse
Modovar – Clearly (Dark and Dirty mix)
I Like Trains – Mnemosyne
Rebekah Delgado – Ménage A Moi
Primitives – You Trashed My Christmas
Blindness – Confessions
Winter Olympics – Attention All Departments
Get Cubs – Mañana
I Like Trains – The Shallows
Wojtek Godzisz – December Will Be Magic Again
Mega City Four – Wasting My Breath
Girls Names – Hypnotic Regression
Ariya Astrobeat Arkestra – Towards Other Worlds
Everything Everything – Kemosabe (B-Ju remix)
Jungle Giants – You’ve Got Something
Lizzie and the Yes Men – Loneliness
Cornshed Sisters – Have A Good Christmas Time
I Like Trains – Reykjavik
Apple Creation – Beautiful Fool
High/Low – Raygun
Avenue – Quickdraw
MJ Hibbett and the Validators – The Flashing Santa
Mmm – Dark Motion
Sultans of Ping FC – Xmas Bubblegum Machine
Vile Electrodes – The Last Time
Rialto Burns – Hibernation
1975 – You
VedeTT – Nothing Else