Aura – Musical Meanderings 25th September 2012

Continuing from the Boom special last week, I thought I would celebrate a wonderful conversation I had on a train from Castelo Branco in Portugal back towards Spain after the festival. At Boom I met many wonderful people including Jeremy & Carrina who I then met again on this train journey after. We got chatting about many things including his music project Aura when it made sense to record the conversation, as it included many things I was reflecting on during Boom. These included how the energy of the festival affects the people there for the better, a bit like Artur discussed last week and how Jeremy decided to record the new Aura album New Circuitry in 432Hz in A, which is the natural keynote of the universe, rather than the distortion 440Hz in C.
In the first hour I enjoyed some rocking fun I was listening to during the previous week. I was enjoying the drumming of Dany Carey from Tool and Mike Dupke from W.A.S.P.(?!).

You can check out Jeremy’s website here where you kind find out more about him and even listen to the album:

You can also listen again to my chat with Jeremy during the second hour of the show this week with his music on my Mixcloud page:

Aura – Musical Meanderings 25th September 2012 by Graham Stannard on Mixcloud

Here’s the playlist for 25th September 2012
1.  Tool – Third Eye (Live) (Salival)
2.  Suicidal Tendencies – If I Don’t Wake Up (How Will I Laugh Tomorrow…When I Can’t Even Smile Today)
3.  W.A.S.P. – Maneater (The Headless Children)
4.  The Cortège – Vicissitudes
5.  Mr. Yinka – Little Hipster Girl Lost
6.  Throwing Muses – Red Heaven (House Tornado)
7.  The Black Crowes – Remedy (The Southern Harmony & Musical Companion)
8.  Bob Marley – Coming In From The Cold (Uprising)
9.  Burning Spear – Brighten My Vision (Calling Rastafari)
10. Aura – Ruffly Feathers (New Circuitry)
Jeremy Costa Chat1
11. Aura – Eris In The Dark (New Circuitry)
Jeremy Costa Chat2
12. Aura – Radiophonic Workshop (New Circuitry)
13. Shpongle – Once Upon A Sea Of Blissful Awareness (Tales of the Inexpressible)