Boom Festival 2012 – Musical Meanderings 18th September 2012

Last week I mentioned that I’d just returned from adventures where I’d enjoyed rocking at some of the best psychedelic trance festivals in Europe. This week I decided to celebrate by reflecting on my time at the biggest, the Boom festival in Portugal. It takes place every two years during the full moon in August, which this year was at the beginning of the month. It was an amazing way to start my trip, heading from Madrid by train to what is almost the desert in the Idanha-a-Nova national park, inland near the Spanish border. The level of production gets better each year they do it and the music this year was awesome all the way through. What makes it, and all the festivals I visited, special is the number of amazing people from around the world that come to share the experience and help make it wonderful for everyone else. At Boom there were over 100 different nationalities represented- dancing, partying and working together, showing another way we can live. I was lucky to be able to record chats with people who are able to describe it better than me, including Artur who works with the team that runs the festival who said one of their goals is that people leave the festival better people than when they arrived. You can hear that conversation, along with Zen Mechanics and Katya who was helping organise the artists and performers at the festival during the show, along with music from the artists that were playing there. It’s available on my Mixcloud page:

Here is the playlist for 18th September 2012 (Albums in brackets)
1. X-Dream – Radio (Radio)
2. Ectima – Bounce (Ground Defense)
3. Liquid Soul – Global Illumination (Original Mix) (Love In Stereo)
Chat with Katya Chekushina
4. Protonica – Floating Point (Morning Mix) (V.A. Extrasensory Perception Vol.2)
5. Egorythmia – S.M.O.T.U. (V.A. Goa X Vol. 7)
Chat with Zen Mechanics
6. Zentura – Digital Beings (Sourcecode Transmissions Vol.1)
7. Rinkadink & Slider – Triple X (Human Tehnicians)
8. Logic Bomb – Frequent Flyers (Rinkadink remix)
9. Neutral Motion – Human Memory (Cymatic Freakuencies)
Chat with Artur
10. Kindzadza – Cristal Inside (Waves From Inner Space)
11. Onkel Dunkel – Dansk Sommer (Goods Carrier)
12. Ajja – Engage (V.A. Firestarter)
13. Ianuaria – Kabum (Beware Of The Fish)

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