Playlist and Download for the Tim Bowness special 6th August 2012

Hi All

Very many thanks to Tim Bowness and Steven Bennett  for coming into the phoenixfm studios for the evening.

Here is the download:

John Barry – Capsule In Space (You Only Live Twice OST – LP/CD )
Beach Boys – Our Prayer (The Smile Sessions)
Peter Hammill – On Tuesday (She Used To Do Yoga (Over LP/CD)
Soft Machine – Carol Ann (Seven – LP/CD)
Talking Heads – Listening Wind (Remain in Light – LP/CD)
Steve Reich – New York Counterpoint (New York Counterpoint – CD)
Henry Fool – Poppy Q (Henry Fool – CD)
Neil Young – Cortez The Killer (Zuma – LP/CD)
Joe Zawinul – In A Silent Way (Zawinul – LP/CD)
No-Man – Riverrun (Speak – LP/CD)
Genesis – Entangled (A Trick of the Tail – LP/CD)
Henry Fool – Everyone in Sweden (Unreleased track)
Paddy McAloon – Sleeping Rough (I Trawl the Megahertz – CD)
Joni Mitchell – Edith And The Kingpin (The Hissing of Summer Lawns – LP/CD)
No-Man – Lighthouse (Love and Endings – LP/CD/DVD)
Henry Fool – Almost The End Of Everything (Unreleased track)
The Flaming Lips – The First Time Everyone saw your Face (and Heady Fwends – CD)