Playlists for Max Tundra and Bob Drake specials

Hi All
Great Stars In Battledress concert last night …. sooo clever! sooo Hungover 🙁

Here are the playlists for the two recent specials:

Max Tundra:

Spookey Ruben: These Days Are Old (Modes Of Transportation Vol 1)
Friendly Science Orchestra: Baby In The Box (Friendly Science Orchestra 7″)
Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti: Reminiscences (Before Today)

Devo: Clockout (Duty Now For The Future)
Cosmic Dennis Greenidge: Gigga Buddahs (Giant Man, Giant Plan)
Landscape: Alpine Tragedy / Sisters (From The Tea-Rooms Of Mars To The Hell-Holes Of Uranus)

Hospitals: Happy Jack (mp3)
Jerry Goodman & Jan Hammer: Topeka (Country & Eastern Music)
Gameshow Outpatient: Goat Repo (Mammal On The Edge)
Steve Vai: The Boy/Girl Song (Flex-Able)

Aphex Twin: Girl Boy (NLS Mix)
Bob Drake: You Can’t Outwit That Thing (The Skull Mailbox And Other Horrors)
Ivor Cutler: I’m Walkin’ To A Farm (Dandruff)

Neil & Iraiza: Fez (Men Working) (New School)
My Bloody Valentine: Touched (Loveless)
OLD: Underglass (Formula)

George Duke: Stand (Guardian Of The Light)
Stock, Hausen & Walkman: Trick Piano (Oh My BAG!)
Harry Merry: Football Match England The Netherlands 1-1 (7″)

Skeletons: Dripper (Money)
Nico: Lawns Of Dawns (The Marble Index)
John Baker: Look North – Newstime (John Baker Tapes)
The Beatles: Strawberry Fields Forever (Take 7 & Edit Piece) (Anthology 2)

The Gasman: Overlord (Love Collection)
Sheila E: Intro to Romance 1600 LP
Todd Rundgren: Song Of The Viking (Something, Anything)
Mercury Rev: The Left-Handed Raygun Of Paul Sharitz (Retirement Just Like That) (Rough Trade Singles Club 7″)

Cheer-Accident: Done With The Eternal (What Sequel?)
Chi-Pig: Apu-Api (Help Me) (Akron compilation)
Robby Moncrief & Zach Hill: Time Change (Who Do You Think You Aren’t)

Disco Inferno: New Clothes For The New World (DI Go Pop)
Emitt Rhodes: Somebody Made For Me (Emitt Rhodes)
Hoppy Kamiyama: To Make A Hit (A Meaningful Meaningnessless)

Bob Drake:

Vialka: Always Against (Success Planetaire International)
AA Kismet: Day Of The Proms (Where’s The Rest Of Me)
Condor Moments: Liquorish Fish Dish (And Though We’re Told We’ve Got It All, The All We’ve Got Is Freezing Cold)
The Rude Staircase: Gaggle Of Swans (Sookie Jump)
Etta Baker: Mint Julep
Mama Roisin: Jetter Two Step (7″ single)
Vialka: Premier Pas (Success Planetaire International)
AA Kismet: Smell Pop (What’s The Use In Crying When The Wolves Have Arrived)
Bob Drake: Lesser-kown Explorers Of The Arctic (Bob’s Drive In)
The Rude Staircase: Here Come The Red Teeth (Sooki Jump)
Earl Scruggs: Randy Lynn Rag
Nobodies: Muse (Nobodies Cup Of Tea)
Dick el Demasiado: Las Ramas
The Science Group: The Garden Of Forking Paths (Spoors)
Meadow House: My Window Cleaning Days Are Over (A Tongue Under A Ton Of 9 Volters)
Chet Atkins and Jerry Reed: Jerry’s Breakdown
Cardboard Amanda: Detoxicus Itinery (S/t)
Thinking Plague: Love (In This Life)
Ron Pate’s Debonaires With The Rev. Fred Lane: Chicago
Merle Travis: Cannonball Express (Live off-of TV thing)
Meadow House: All The Flowers (A Tongue Under A Ton Of 9 Volters)
Flying Wonders: Try Again (Home Life)
Fred Lane: From The One That Cut (From The One That Cut You)
Dick el Demasiado: Fanta Maria
Homosexuals: My Night Out (The Homosexuals Album)
Butterfly Metal Polish: Caudeval By Night (s/t)
Bob Drake: Sad And Indifferent Animals Wearing Scarves (Bob’s Drive In)



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