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David Miles, Roy Dyer, Eric Sandell, Running Rabbits and much more!


David Miles, Co-author of the ‘Fusion’ book, came in to the studio to speak online marketing, social media, websites, networking and the work of his book which aims to help readers how to get their head around the world of modern media. Whether your a serious business person or simply use the internet for enjoyment, the Fusion book aims to increase understanding and awareness of many media tools only a click away. David is local to Brentwood and frequently commutes into the city, along with many other members of the Brentwood and Billericay community. Click below for more, you may even pick up a few tips:

Chatting to David Miles Co-Author and Internet Marketing Guru

Also featured on show:

Ladies, do not fear training with weights and body weight. You will not ‘bulk’ up but can potentially improve the shape, curve and tone of your body, not to mention maintain youth! https://

Weight training will:

Increase your bone mass and reduce your risk of developing osteoporosis – Improve insulin sensitivity so you are better able to process carbohydrates – Elevate your metabolism so your daily energy expenditure increases – Increase the resting tone of your muscles making them feel and look firmer – Improve your posture – Increase your energy and strength for everyday activities – Improve muscular endurance, so you can stay active for longer and suffer less fatigue – Help keep your joints in good condition by increasing general joint stability – Improve performance in sports, from the weekend walker to the athlete – Allow you to target areas of your body to address muscle imbalances.

Also covered local events, news and weather.






Founder of the Essex Dog Training Centre and Display Team, Roy Dyer, came in to speak about dog behaviour, the work that the centre does, why he started it and the upcoming visit of the Royal Dutchess of Cornwall who is skeduled to visit the centre this coming monday. She will be arriving at the Centre (located just before the Brentwood Centre on the Doddinghurst Road, Brentwood), between 13:00 and 13:20 hours on Monday 24th if you would like to go and look out for her. She is coming with particular interest in the Classes run by the training centre for children suffering Cynophobia. Cynophobia is the morbid fear of dogs and those who have this phobia can have severe psychological and physcial symptoms if faced with a dog and even things associated with dogs. This talk covered so much and I still have so much more I would like to discuss with Roy. Listen below and more details about the Essex Dog Training Centre can be found by clicking the link below.

Chatting to Roy Dyer founder of The Essex Dog Training Centre and Showground

Also featured on show: I have been told by 2 people already this week that they are suffering the symptoms of Cystitis, so I gave some nutritional advice on foods, plants and flowers that can help relieve and treat symptoms. Feel free to contact me if you’d like to hear the information again by clicking the link:

Also featured: Local news, events, shout-outs and weather.


Lousie from Running Rabbits came into the studio to speak to me about where her part-time arts and crafts business originated and her experience of moving to Brentwood with her partner. Louise works full-time in Basildon and then finds time for Running Rabbit Arts and Crafts – I don’t know how she does it. Louise told me about her licence which has just come through enabling her to sell lip balms and soaps. Her products are completely natural and she gave me a lip balm which I really love the smell and feel of. She also sells bracelets and more so click on her blog to see more:

Contact Louise Jose by email and you can also find her at the Halsted Christmas Craft Fair on Friday 25th November.

Also featured on show: Alan from the FSB came to chat about local business news for Brentwood and Billericay and about the Brentwood Lighting Up night on Saturday 27th November.


I shared recent research conducted in Germany with confirms the benefits of weight/resistance training for the 60s and over in maintaining and improving strength, muscle mass and bone and joint health.

I also shared my Celeriac and Parsnip Bake and Soup recipes of which are in season and can be found in many local green grocers and farm shops such as Calcott Farm Shop.

To see the recipe and ask guidance on the most nutritional way it can be enjoyed feel free to email me

Also featured: local news, weather and events.



Eric Sandell

My final guests of the week were Eric and Andrea Sandell. Eric is an artist and has had an interest in art since childhood. Eric spoke about the many art related things he has been involved with over the years, discussed different styles and artists he admired. Eric, although now at the age where he could retire from work completely, continues his work as an artist to keep him busy and prevent himself from feeling “like a spare part.” Eric sells his work at local markets and stalls, and makes up to order. You can find him at:


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