Phoenix FM Fundraiser Brentwood Theatre 3rd April

The Phoenix Fundraiser at the Brentwood Theatre on Sunday 3rd of April is looming ever nearer. Acts this time round are Big Dogg, Georgia Strand, Lizzie B, Tibetan Tea Company, Roz/Sweeney, Charley Bird and myself. Contact the Brentwood Theatre for tickets on 01277 200 305 or Phoenix 98 FM.

Last week was pretty quiet on Eat my Lunch, with the exception of course of my big gob just opening and closing at one hundred miles per hour. Waffling on about things that suddenly pop into my head and seem like a good idea at the time. Its always a joy to get answers to my question of the day. Add me on Facebook and join in or listen out for the Question of the Day and email

QUESTION OF THE DAY SUPPLIED BY Cheryl Deane In your wildest dreams reagardless of their original era or if they are alive or dead now, if you could go to a concert and see five artists/groups, who would they be?

Joanne ‘Carmoody’ Kirby Queen, The Beatles, Eurythmics, Elvis and New Kids on the Block (just to relive being 8!)

Michael DeAntonio Ok, so i altered the criteria a little 1.Clifford Brown with Art Blakey at Birdland 2.Jimi Hendrix any small club with good acoustics and for a blues at sunrise session with Jimi, Janis Joplin and Albert King. 3. Stevie Ray Vaughn small club, good acoustics,after the coke, before the copter. 4 RUSH, all of the concerts that I have missed. 5. Pink Floyd (when the group was in it’s prime) performing each entire album Dark Side of the Moon/Wish You Were Here and The Wall. only 5… so many great shows missed….

Mistake of the day…I announced on air, that Elizabeth Taylor had died (thanks to my American friend for having the news to me half an hour before it broke in the UK). After my deep felt words I played out an ad on the radio which starts “IS YOUR OLD BOILER DEAD OR IN NEED OF REPLACING”. I couldnt have planned that.

George Adey (93) and still going strong came in to talk about George’s World. I asked George is he liked Katie Price and George said I have see her in the papers but I dont know her so I wouldnt say anything not nice. Bless him.

I am waiting to see if my pick for the A List makes it, brilliant Foo Fighters Track called Rope. Pre ordered the album (11th April). For a jazz funk girl at heart I do enjoy all types of music, especially drumming.

Got the day off today, about to head out for a slap up lunch at Mrs Miggins Pie Shop (anyone under the age of 30 will be thinking “huh”).

Oh and by the way Mrs Sweeney, I do not have three nipples but thanks for announcing that I did to the whole of Brentwood and Billericay last Tuesday! 🙂

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