In The Mix – 26th February 2011

This week’s In The Mix was such a busy show!
Local bands The Bracknall and The Tomorrow Men came in for a chat and played a few songs for us. If you missed the interviews don’t worry! They can be listened back to right here…

The Tomorrow Men


The Bracknall


If you want to know more details about The Tomorrow Men and when they are next gigging check them out on

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Video’s of The Bracknall’s performances will be up very soon so keep checking this page!

And of course In The Mix wouldn’t be In The Mix without a bit of celebrity gossip, so read below to find out what the rich and famous were up to this week!

Hair cuts
Ever since Jennifer Aniston played Rachel in the popular sit come Friends she has had the same hair style but recently she has had it cut into a new style after she called her iconic “Rachel” coiffure ‘the ugliest haircut I’ve ever seen’.
Her new style is an all-one-length bob, simple cut – which is several inches shorter than her previous below-shoulder-length hair.

At first when I read she had had a bob I was quite disappointed as I like her long hair, but when I saw pictures it’s not as short as I imagined and it’s actually quite nice. It looks a bit lighter too. So check them out if want to see Jennifer Aniston’s new look!

Another celeb has shocked his fans by having his hair cut.
Justin Bieber has become known for his little hair flick but now he is not able to do it has it’s been cut short as he wants a more mature look.

He has also said he will be selling his hair to raise money for charity. He tweeted, “Yeah so it’s true… I got a little haircut… I like it… and we are giving all the hair cut to CHARITY to auction. Details coming soon.”
He didn’t take long to show off his new image as he recorded a new music video with Rascal Flatts – and the band’s Jay DeMarcus posted a photo of Bieber and himself on Twitter, showing the singer’s new hairdo.

Pictures are also on the internet of Bieber’s new hair if you want to see them.

Amy Winehouse
Ballet and Golf are not two things I would associate with Amy Winehouse but she has taken up both these sports.

Last year the troubled singer took up golf so that it would keep her away from the party lifestyle. A source said at the time “She played nine holes and loved it, she had a natural swing. Amy wants to learn how to play properly now.”
But more recently it has been reported that Winehouse has hired a private instructor to teach her how to dance in her North London house in a bid to get healthy.
A source said: “Amy has started ballet lessons at home and she’s really enjoying them. She wants to get fit, tone up and become more supple without getting too musclely. She really likes kick-boxing too, but she loves the glamour of ballet.”
Winehouse has had a studio and fitness equipment installed into her new home after vowing that she will get back into shape before returning to the stage.
The source added: “When she moved in she swore she was going to change her lifestyle – that’s part of the reason she had her own gym and studio installed. She wants to be fit and look good ready for her comeback at the end of the year.”

So we should all expect a big come back from Amy Winehouse this year!


Comic Relief charity trek
Comic Relief is coming up soon and as always many events and thing are being sold to raise money for the cause such as the well known Red Nose.

However this year 8 celebrities are taking a 100k trek across Kenya as well. The 8 famous faces are Kara Tointon, Lorraine Kelly, Essesx singer Olly Murs, Dermot O’Leary, Ronnie Ancona, Scott Mills, Craig David and DJ Peter White
They started the trek on Monday and have already suffered from the ferocious heat, jagged terrain, blisters, sore muscles, and spiders in their makeshift toilets.
However they were advised before the trip that they would face some very tough walking conditions. They were also told they’ll loose 20 litres of water a day and will burn 8000 calories meaning they will need to keep hydrated by drinking water constantly.
Singer Craig David said: ‘This is so much harder than I ever thought and the heat is beyond anything I could have imagined. Walking in the midday heat is so intense but knowing that we are raising money with each step is keeping me going.’
When they reached their camp they were all very relived and rested well. However Olly Murs seem to find some energy from somewhere has he played a game of football with the local children.
The team are hoping to raise money for people across Africa and the UK.
Money they raise will go to Comic Relief projects which include those that help to prevent thousands of people in Africa from going blind or contracting terrible eye conditions, which many people living in the region where the trek is taking place have.

This year Red Nose day is on the 18th March and many programmes such as Let’s dance for comic relief are also on running up until that date so look out for all the events. And if you want to get involved and raise money then go onto their website for more information.